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Corporate Protection

*Worker's comp investigations

*Unemployment Hearings

*Accounting Forensics 

*Interactive Security Cams

*Online Investigations 

Investigations Analysis

From Discovery to Investigations....we put the pieces together. 

JGI has been court-appointed as investigators throughout Northwest Ohio county courtrooms for many years. Our staff can assist with the necessary paperwork to facilitate appointments,

pre-sentence investigations (PSI), litigation, subpoena services, testimony, jury selection and general trial support. 

We take great pride in our ability to not only assist attorneys and clients in the court room, but also provide services in the many other various investigative needs within the legal community.

Attorney Services

Ohio Private Investigators

JGI is a fully licensed and insured Ohio Private Investigation firm serving the Northwest Ohio region.  JGI has gained a reputation as one of the foremost criminal and civil investigation firms in Ohio. Retained by many of Ohio's premier attorneys, as well as appointed by local courts in Lucas, Wood, Fulton, Henry, Williams, Erie, and other counties, we proudly provide an experience level "second to none" in  our region. 

Court Appointments.

Ohio Private Investigators

Expert Witnesses

Our network of experienced witnesses are available for your case needs. 

Litigation Support

We can assist in all aspects of trial preparation. 

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  Mission Statement 

"Providing Ohio Private Investigations with impeccable integrity above reproach."

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A combined total of over 80 years serving in law enforcement, military, courtroom and security services.
State of the art equipment including high tech video surveillance and tracking devices.
All aspects of your case are completely researched, documented, filed and securely archived. 
Investigations you can trust, character you can depend on.