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Domestic Investigations

Child Custody, Missing Persons, Elderly & Child Abuse, and Spousal Support are investigated with the professionalism and confidentiality such cases deserve. 


Our licensed private investigators bring the talents of over 80 years combined experience. Our investigators come from diverse backgrounds: including law enforcement, courtroom and ex-military

Ohio Private Investigators

Investigations take on many forms. 

However, they all have in common the need for thorough, accurate and documented evidence. 

Criminal Defense Investigations

Our Major Crimes Unit is experienced in Homicide, Rape, Burglary, Arson, and many other criminal investigations. JGI has been court-appointed on hundreds of major cases by Lucas County and other Northwest Ohio courts. 


High end

Our experienced investigators implement many state of the art tools in surveillance operations, including: digital, video, photo, and audio recordings using state of the art miniature cameras and digital recorders as well as GPS vehicle tracking systems.

Forensic Experts

Our long-serving partnership with many national forensic experts brings a wealth of talent to add to your case. Our teams work to include use of experts in a variety of cases involving research, computers, ballistics, toxicology and accounting forensics, just to name a few.

Crime Scene

Recreate the crime scene with 3D molding to virtually show how the evidence came into play. 

Civil Investigations

Accidents, Injuries, Employee Theft, Workers Compensation, and many other civil matters are investigated by our team of experienced investigators. 

If you have been victimized and do not know where to start, we can help. After reviewing your case , we will be able to give you a realistic opinion on what can and should be done. Our network of attorneys and forensic specialists can be brought in to help with even the most difficult of cases.