Who Needs To Be Checked?

Employee Background Checks:

Protect yourself now from unscrupulous individuals. JGI offers extensive background checks, fingerprinting, & drug testing.

People most likely who need to be checked are:

Employees, drivers, nannies, home care workers, and tenants. 

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

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Search Includes:

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Credit History

Previous Employment

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Report: includes locate, address history

criminal background, judgments/liens title histories and professional

license verifications. 

Identity Theft

Background checks, including fingerprinting, can help prevent identity fraud.

Be aware, be prepared.

It always make sense to run a background check on the other party in any litigation. Call today for discount attorney rates.

Enhanced Measures

  • Ohio BCI fingerprint check
  • Employment Required ID

           (Real Estate & Medical)

Background/Research Services

Ohio Private Investigators

Find Someone

People locator:

Missing person, Debt Evaders, Lost Relatives & Friends. JGI's research department can locate many people not found through conventional or online database means.

Corporate Research

We serve corporate clients by providing abstract driving records and workers comp claims. Discount rates available for retained agreements.

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        Standard Search


Search Includes:

Basic Search


Court Docket Search

Photograph/Media Searches

State BMV Search

Background Investigations:

Background Search Items Include:

* Local Criminal Records

* State Incarceration

*Sexual Offenders Registry

*Social Security Verification

*National Criminal Database

*Driver Record History

*Insurance Verification

*Employment Verification

*Education Verification

*Professional License Verification

*Liens and Judgments

*Character Interviews